The most open and sharing labs on OpenNeuro (March – August 2020)

September 21, 2020

We are excited to recognize the labs that shared the most datasets on OpenNeuro in the past 6 months (March – August). If you have neuroimaging data you would like to share, please consider sharing it on OpenNeuro!


1st place (tied)

Brain Development Laboratory

The Brain Development Laboratory led by Dr. James Booth has shared 6 datasets: Dr. Booth is the Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Educational Neuroscience in the department of Psychology and Human Development at Vanderbilt University. The Brain Development Laboratory studies how the developing brain performs on academically related activities such as reading, math and scientific thinking in typical and atypical cohorts.


Brain Embodiment Laboratory

The Brain Embodiment Laboratory led by Dr. Slawomir Nasuto has shared 6 datasets: Dr. Nasuto is a Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. The Brain Embodiment Laboratory seeks to further our understanding of the information processing in the nervous system at different measurement scales utilizing multimodal designs.


3rd place (tied)

Memory and Decision Making Lab

The Memory and Decision Making Lab led by Dr. Brock Kirwan has shared 4 datasets: Dr. Kirwan is an Associate Professor in the Psychology department at Brigham Young University. The Memory and Decision Lab investigates how our brain remembers the past and uses that information to guide a future decision through multimodal paradigms.


Scholte Lab

The Scholte Lab led by Dr. Steven Scholte has shared 4 datasets: Dr. Scholte is an Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam. The Scholte Lab primarily examines how the brain utilizes the structure of the world for information processing and develops mechanistic models of cognition to understand behavior.


We maintain a spreadsheet that captures several metadata fields for every publicly shared dataset, which we used to construct this list. If we have missed something, please let us know! If your lab has historical data, consider sharing and helping your lab be part of our next Hall of Fame standings! If you have any questions please free feel to reach out to Franklin (