Month: November, 2017

OpenNeuro App Highlights: ndmg-d

November 28, 2017

This post is part of a series of blog posts highlighting image analysis apps available on the platform. It was contributed by Greg Kiar. Welcome to part one of a two-part spotlight on an original BIDS App [1], Neurodata’s MRI to graphs (ndmg; pronounced nutmeg) pipeline for connectome estimation. The ndmg pipeline (made in Python, hosted […]

Response to Next-Generation Data Science Challenges in Health and Biomedicine RFI

November 1, 2017

Text of the Request for Information call: Recent years have proven that two components are essential for artificial intelligence breakthroughs: large, rich datasets and advanced algorithms. Advances in machine vision (especially object recognition) are a great example of this. The substantial increase in the accuracy of those systems was only possible due to availability of […]