Month: August, 2016

Should we rename OpenfMRI? Request for community input

August 17, 2016

We have been busy in the last year building a new platform that will ultimately serve as the new basis for the OpenfMRI project, supporting both data analysis and sharing. One major change with the new platform is that we will support processing and sharing of datasets that do not include fMRI (such as structural […]

Report from the first CRN coding sprint

August 14, 2016

Two weeks ago (1st-4th of August 2016) we hosted a coding sprint at Stanford aimed at making neuroimaging data processing and analysis tools more portable and accessible. We invited an international group representing many of the leading data processing pipelines (such as SPM, FSL, BROCCOLI, MRTrix, NIAK, C-PAC, Nipype, OPPNI aka NPAIRS, hyperalignment, nilearn, mindboggle […]