Should we rename OpenfMRI? Request for community input

August 17, 2016

We have been busy in the last year building a new platform that will ultimately serve as the new basis for the OpenfMRI project, supporting both data analysis and sharing. One major change with the new platform is that we will support processing and sharing of datasets that do not include fMRI (such as structural and diffusion MRI datasets). This has led us to question whether we should change the name of the project to better reflect the broader range of the project.

The main argument for staying with OpenfMRI is that the project has strong name recognition within the field.

Other alternatives (for which we already have the domain names):

  • This better reflects the broader scope of the project and is clearly related to OpenfMRI, but is not clear about our focus on neuroimaging
  • This better reflects the specificity of the project to neuroimaging, but has less of a clear relation to OpenfMRI
  • This perhaps best reflects the scope of the project and its specificity to neuroimaging at the same time keeping the relation to OpenfMRI, but is a bit unwieldy.

We are looking for community input – please complete the poll below (or access it from this link if it doesn’t appear below), and leave your thoughts (including ideas for completely new names) in the comments section below.


  1. Tomas Knapen 8 years

    Using the word “Imaging” makes it difficult to extend the platform’s focus to include EEG, human intracranial electrophysiology, and monkey single/multi-unit electrophysiology. The broader the scope, the better imho.

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