OpenfMRI becomes OpenNeuro

February 14, 2018

Six months ago we launched a new platform for sharing and analyzing neuroimaging data – Over 600 users have registered on the platform since it launched, helping us test all of the new exciting features (such as client-side BIDS dataset validation, resumable uploads, and running analysis apps). We are now ready to make OpenNeuro the sole destination for sharing neuroimaging data provided by our center. This means that the OpenfMRI platform will no longer accept new data submissions – instead we encourage users to upload their data to OpenNeuro.


In a few months, we will complete their OpenfMRI -> OpenNeuro rebranding, by transferring all remaining datasets and redirecting all traffic to the new website. All historical datasets will be still accessible on the new site, and original links to datasets on OpenfMRI will resolve to the new datasets on OpenNeuro

It’s an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves of the journey OpenfMRI has gone through. This is how the website looked like when it launched in 2011 (with 10 datasets):


On the day of the transition OpenfMRI hosted 95 datasets, and we already see new submissions pouring into OpenNeuro. We are looking forward to many more years of serving the neuroimaging community by providing access to cutting-edge neuroimaging data!

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