Accepted projects for the 2nd CRN Coding Sprint

June 6, 2017

A few weeks ago we made an open call for applications for the 2nd CRN Coding Sprint. We received an overwhelming number of excellent applications. So many of the submitted projects exceeded our expectations we decided to sponsor more participants than initially planned. Here is the final list of accepted projects:

  • Automate creation of BIDS-MEG compatible folders with MNE (Mainak Jas, Teon Brooks)
  • XNAT2BIDS pipeline (Kamil Lipinski, Adam Kaczor)
  • Boutiques as a Portable BIDS App Validation and Execution Engine (Tristan Glatard, Gregory Kiar)
  • Compatibility with BIDS to the SnPM and SwE toolboxes for SPM (Camille Maumet, Thomas Nichols)
  • OsiriX plugin for BIDS output (Michal Szczepanik)
  • Generic BIDS connectivity data schema (Eugene Duff)
  • BIDS to XNAT XAR file converter (Lauren Wallace)
  • BrainSuite BIDS-App (Yeun Kim, David Shattuck)
  • BIDS Transformers project (Dmitry Petrov, Alexander Ivanov)
  • A graphical app for visual quality control compatible with BIDS-organised data (Katja Heuer, Roberto Toro)
  • Bringing Betaseries Back (James Kent)
  • Deep Learning-Based Classification of MRI Images into BIDS Data Structure (Hossein Mohammadian Foroushani)
  • Big Data processing on Apache Spark with BIDS Apps (Lalet Scaria, Valerie Hayot)

We would like to thank everyone who applied – we wish we had enough funds to host all of you.

We are very excited about the meeting. Many excellent tools and features will come out of it!

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