2nd Annual CRN Coding Sprint – open call for applications

April 17, 2017

Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience is proud to announce an open call for applications to the 2nd Annual Coding Sprint. Following the success of last year’s sprint, this year we will be focusing on three topics:

  • Adding support for producing compatible outputs (BIDS Derivatives) to existing BIDS Apps for preprocessing.
  • Containerizing and adding support for standardized preprocessed inputs (BIDS Derivatives) and model specifications (BIDS Models) to MRI modelling and feature extraction workflows/pipelines.
  • Discussing and improving BIDS Models and BIDS Derivatives specifications.

The 5 day event will be held from 28th of August till 1st of September at Stanford University and will feature educational session during which you will learn about Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS), Docker container technology, and continuous integration practices.

To apply please send a one page description of your proposed project and attach CVs of up to two representatives that would be joining the sprint. Participants in last year’s sprint are welcome to apply with relevant projects this year as well. Travel and accommodation will be fully covered for successful applicants. Please send your applications to chrisgor@stanford.edu (submission deadline May 19th).

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